The Danish Poet’s Voice

For every poem exists its appropriate expression by the human voice – since Poetry is capable os two appeals, silent and articulate – both equally forcible. The speaking of Poetry is one of the means by which the soul, through the medium of beautiful words can express itself as it would, and all those dumb and faltering emotions, which, through usually inarticulate, are its life. It is when life is unable to endure the pain of silence that it breaks into a cry which is Poetry – and in Poetry all art is included. And certain temperaments cannot find their true expression save in the words of others – and these belong to the ideal sperakers of Verse.                                     – (Lady Margaret Sackville’s presidential address on “The Art of Speaking Verse”).

See The Danish Poet (2006) ; for more information:,

Obs.: Liv Ullmann’s name is incorrect in this certificate: the calligrapher forgot a “n”! ;o)

  1. Fabuloso o texto! “in Poetry all art is included”

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